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David Garrett
Garrett Insurance Brokers

Costa Rica:
(506) 2233 9520

USA: 1 (347) 274 8210

Email: info@garrettbrokers.com


THE Garrett Insurance GROUP

In 1980 Garrett & Associates was founded as an agency for the Government-owned monopolistic insurance company, Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS). In 2009 the insurance market in Costa Rica was opened up, allowing insurance companies other than INS to operate in this country.

To give optimum service, in 2010 we founded Unicen Corredora de Seguros, a brokerage with all the legal requirements to give full service, representing all the best insurance companies in Costa Rica. We do business as The Garrett Insurance Group.

We are known for giving excellent insurance information, advice and service to the foreign community in Costa Rica. In 1993 we sponsored a widely acclaimed English-language manual “Insurance in Costa Rica”. Since 1990 a similarly named column has appeared in The Tico Times six times a year. (See collection of articles on our web site www.garrettbrokers.com)

Since 2006 we publish in newspapers and on the Internet a series of “INSURANCE NUGGETS” which give brief information and advice on insurance-related topics.

We give service to a number of large multinational companies, boasting open communications with their risk managers all over the world.

We offer the following advantages:

1. Impeccable reputation.

2. Part of a regional consortium UNICEN CENTROAMERICA which allows us to coordinate region-wide coverage.

3. Correspondents in Costa Rica for WILLIS, one of the foremost worldwide brokerages.

4. All our brokers are bilingual English-Spanish. Some have other language abilities.

5. Up to date communications.

6. We have specialized departments for the main lines of insurance: Automobile Insurance, Claims, Fire & Natural Disasters, Personal Insurance, Employee Benefits, etc.




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